Doctors of Chiropractic find the underlining cause(s)

Would you rather be healthy or just feel good?

It surprises many patients when they discover chiropractic doctors don't treat symptoms. A medical approach is to treat symptoms. This is done by using drugs or surgery to numb, slow down, speed up, or cut out the malfunctioning body part. 

Instead, chiropractic doctors find the underlying cause(s) of your ache or pain, and help correct it.

Judging your health by how you feel can be dangerous! The first symptom of high blood pressure is often a deadly stroke. The first symptom of heart disease could be a fatal heart attack! Because your body is so adaptive, by the time many symptoms warn you of a problem, it can be well advanced.

Would you rather be healthy or just feel good?

You can be healthy and still not feel well. Vomiting after eating improperly prepared food is a healthy response. Taking a drug to prevent your body from expelling the toxic food could be deadly! Fevers, diarrhea, and other symptoms are natural ways your body responds to infection and disease.

Proper function, controlled by your nervous system, is the key to health. Fortunately, the proper function of your nervous system is the primary interest of Dr. Paul Milone & Marblehead Chiropractic.

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