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  Dr. Paul M Milone grew up in West Haven, Connecticut. He attended an all-boys private high school there before venturing to Boston to study pharmacy at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy where he met his wife Ruth.

    Dr. Milone's first exposure to Chiropractic occurred shortly after graduation from pharmacy school. Ruth had begun experiencing migraine-type headaches which were becoming worse and were not responding to classic drug treatment with which, of course, both Paul and Ruth were very familiar. Since Ruth's spine had been checked frequently by a Chiropractic Doctor while she was growing up, she knew the benefits of Chiropractic Care and asked Paul to take her to a Chiropractic Doctor. Paul, who was not only a Pharmacist, but also the son of a pharmacist and nurse, was medically oriented and resisted. However, when Ruth's headaches continued to worsen, Paul gave in and took her to a Chiropractic Doctor. Under Chiropractic care, Ruth was relieved of her migraine headaches and then continued to have her spine checked periodically against the wishes of her husband who still did not understand the benefits of Chiropractic Care.

    After practicing Pharmacy for a few years, Paul began to experience some lower back pain. The Medical Doctors told him it was from muscular strain caused by standing on his feet all day while working. They prescribed heat and pills for the pain. However, Paul knew he couldn't take pills while working as a Pharmacist because they had the potential of impairing his coordination and judgment. Ruth kept encouraging Paul to go to the Chiropractic Doctor, but he continued to resist until finally he couldn't stand Ruth's insistence. He remembers that he wanted to prove to her that Chiropractic Care would not help him.

    With a negative mind set, Paul went to the Chiropractic Doctor. However, despite his negative attitude, Paul soon found his low back pain had disappeared. The Chiropractic Doctor explained that although the pain had subsided, the pressure on the spinal nerve was still there and has been there a long time. Therefore, it was necessary to continue to have his spine checked and adjusted consistently. Paul agreed to Chiropractic Care.

    After Paul's low back pain had been relieved, he remembers that he began to feel better all over. Even his energy level seemed to increase. His quality of life improved. He asked the Doctor about these changes and was told that when the vertebrae in the spinal column misalign, they exert pressure on the discs which cause swelling. This swelling puts pressure on the spinal nerves which lie adjacent. This pressure, over time, not only causes pain, but interferes with the function of the nerve itself. The function of the spinal nerves are to relay information from the brain to various parts of the body such as organs. When the function of a spinal nerve is interfered with, the function of the body as a whole is decreased. When these misalignments, which the Chiropractic Doctor called vertebral subluxations are corrected, the body is allowed to function at its optimum. That's why, Paul was told, his life was better.

    This explanation made sense to Paul. Thus, he began to understand how Chiropractic not only relieves musculoskeletal pain, but also improves the function of the body and quality of life. As a Pharmacist he knew that drugs are used to treat symptoms, not causes of problems.

    In time, Paul became frustrated practicing Pharmacy and seeing people being placed on drugs for problems that may be caused by nerve interference. Because he saw that medicine was treating symptoms, not causes, he decided to return to school and pursue the degree of Doctor of Chiropractic.

    Milone graduated Magna Cum Laude from Life Chiropractic College in Marietta, Ga. 1992.


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